Monday, October 3, 2011

Playdate with Sarah Catherine & Benjamin

Steph invited us over today for a playdate and we were so excited to catch up since we haven't had a chance to get together lately. From the moment we got there, Sarah Catherine couldn't wait to give Owen his birthday present. The kids played for awhile, then we had lunch, and then Owen got to open his gift. (We knew that we had to save it for last or else he wouldn't want to do anything but open & play with the toy!)

It was an awesome three-story Little People racetrack ramp set with two race cars! Owen LOVES it! He made me set it up the moment we got home and played with it non-stop until bedtime. Ben was impressed that I was able to put it together all by myself. (Without the instructions, I might add, since I didn't notice they were taped to the bottom of the toy!)

Thank you so much Sarah Catherine for a super cool birthday present and fun playdate!

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