Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vivi cracking up during bathtime

Vivian has always been our serious baby. But just this week we've seen her silly side emerge and it's SO MUCH FUN MAKING HER LAUGH!

I was putting her jammies on the other night and our neighbor's dog barked and you could hear it. So I said, "Hear the doggy barking? Ruff! Ruff!" And she started giggling!

Then tonight during bathtime, she was splashing so Ben said, "Whoa!" and she let out huge belly laughs. By the time I shot this video a few minutes later, they had been playing that game non-stop and she was getting a little tired of it, but I still caught some cute laughs on camera.

I LOVE hearing her laugh. We waited awhile for that and it was totally worth it.

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