Saturday, October 29, 2011

SNOW before Halloween?!?!

We decided to check out "Air & Scare" this year at the Udvar Hazy Center near Dulles Airport. Apparently, all of Ashburn, Chantilly and Herndon decided they were going to see what it was all about too. It opened at 2pm and we got out the door at 4pm, but that must have been everyone else's idea too because we came to a dead stop about 2 miles away from the museum's entrance.

At least it didn't take too long to get through all the traffic and find a parking spot. But boy was it crowded. Kids (and some parents too!) in costume all over and they got to trick-or-treat throughout the museum, thanks to M&M Mars (c'mon Hershey, gotta step it up and sponsor next year!). :)

It was a very fun event and I think we'll be making it an annual tradition.

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