Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Yesterday was my 4-yr blogiversary. When I say that the time between the first post and this one has flown by, it seems like such an understatement. The time has gone by so incredibly fast. But thanks to the blog, I can look back whenever I want and remember each and every week. That's priceless to me. (Really. I mean, I'm actually still amazed that blogging platforms are free. Just kinda waiting to see fees crop up any month now, but for the time being, I'll remain very thankful for the freebie. And we all know how much I love getting stuff for free. Pass the coupon, share the love.)

Blogging has become such a big part of my life for me in that, it's not only my online baby book for the kids, but also a place where I come to reveal my parenting mistakes and the lessons I've learned from those mistakes. I think the only way we can grow as parents is to stumble sometimes along the way, but then pick ourselves right back up and keep going.

I have learned so much from other blogs I find online. My Blog List on the right side of my own blog is where I usually start my day, clicking through my friend's links to see if anyone made any updates since the time I went to bed. But I also find blogs of other moms out there in cyberspace and I'm just drawn to their writing.

Take Momastery, for example. I found it via Facebook, from another mom who had shared Glennon's recent "Don't Carpe Diem" post. I read it, quickly, and then bookmarked the page so that I could go back and read it later. I am still reading. Quite frankly, I can't stop reading. One of my favorite posts so far has got to be this one, or this one, or this one. Seriously, I am hooked.
She writes with such honesty, such shear heart and emotion. And she's freaking hilarious. Even got Ben laughing to the point he had tears in his eyes with this post. If you pack your husband's lunch, it's a must read. Trust me. I now consider myself a Monkee and I like to think I might run into her one day. She happens to live in the same town. Small world.

I am so thankful that blogs exist because there is a whole lot of information sharing and good deed doing going on out there.

Here's to many more years of blogging.

(And hopefully my kids won't disown me when they grow up and read what I wrote when they were babies.)

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