Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Swim lesson #2

We started Vivi in swim lessons at the same place Owen is going (Carlile Swimming, but they're changing the name to The Tom Dolan Swim School in February).

Here we are in the changing room before going out to the pool deck. My friend Becky gave us this adorable suit that one of her twins outgrew. I love it because it is part ballet/part swimming, and I loved both growing up. :)

It's a mommy and me class that we go to while Owen is at preschool. It's fun, but she's the only baby in the timeslot right now, so it's been basically a private lesson these last two weeks. So far her favorite parts are floating on her back and walking on the big foam float on top of the water. I'm hoping more babies join soon so she can have some friends in her class.

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