Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Latte Fun

Today we went to A Latte Fun so the kiddos could burn off some energy.

They started off riding the Harley's:

Then Vivian did some grocery shopping. She remembered to use her coupons like Mommy taught her. :)

The obligatory crawl through the tunnel:

Smile after the slide:

Trying on some dress-up outfits:

Hitting the gym for a few minutes of cardio:

And quite a few jumps into the big blue pit of foam blocks. (I have a great picture of Mike throwing Owen into the pit, but it's on Mike's camera, so I'll have to ask him to email it to me or post it on Max's blog.)

The trampoline was another favorite, but since I was too busy jumping on it with the kids, I don't have any pictures of that one on my camera. I think it was safe to say that A Latte Fun really was a lot of fun. LOL.

We stopped at a Mexican place for lunch and were able to keep the kids awake for the drive back to Mike & Lindsey's where all three then proceeded to pass out for two hours due to all the fun of the day. That was when Lindsey and I made our exit to the nearest nail salon for pedicures. Ahhhhhh Mommy bliss. :)

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