Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday dinner playdate

Erica, Greg and Blake happened to be free tonight, so they came over to hang out and have an early dinner with us. It was so nice to catch up and see the kids play together. Ben made sliders and Erica and Greg brought homemade blackberry frozen yogurt and cookies which were the perfect ending to the meal. (For the record, my contribution was a roasted green bean/mushroom side, but it didn't come out all that great. Another validation that I am absolutely terrible at cooking and should just retire and leave all future meal planning to Ben.) Other than my crummy veggie, it was a fun evening and the kiddos went right to bed after our guests left.

We had tried to get a picture of the three little ones on the stairs, but Owen was too enamored with the Matchbox car set they gave him, so he wouldn't sit for a picture. The girls posed for us though. Blake has such an adorable smile, doesn't she? :)

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sbruscia said...

Holy cuteness! I cannot imagine 2 cuter little girls. Looks like they are going to be great friends:)