Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sick kiddos

This has been a long week of terrible sleep for both kids. The massive amounts of icky snot in their poor little noses has made it tough for them to breathe, and Owen now has a cough on top of it. :( Naps haven't really existed this week other than a 20-minute one here and there (Owen even woke himself up from what I thought was going to be a great nap yesterday because he sneezed twice) and nighttime sleep has been interrupted at least once a night for each of them. Owen stayed home from preschool yesterday and today. He misses his friends and activities. I missed my downtime. But we had been healthy for awhile, so I knew we were due. I read in one of my baby's health books that when you have a toddler in the house, you should expect them to be sick with a cold-type virus about once every 6 weeks or so during their first couple of toddler years and I've noticed it to be true no matter how much hand washing I patrol or sanitizing gel I apply.

Humidifiers, Vick's vapor rub, lots of juice and baby Tylenol have helped. A little. And I've caved and let them watch more movies (we've seen Cars 2 about 5 times this week) and Baby Signing Time DVD's than usual.

Ben and I had it too, but not as bad as the kids. Hoping by the weekend everyone will be feeling better.

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