Friday, November 23, 2012

Follow-up at the pediatrician

Well, we went to our 10:30am pediatrician follow-up appointment this morning, and the doctor took one look at Vivi and upon feeling her belly, sent us straight back to the hospital. When she was pushing on her abdomen, Viv was doing what is called "guarding" - she was flexing her muscles to protect what was hurting her. The doc immediately thought he might be suffering from appendicitis.

I had Owen with me too at the time, which turned out to be a good thing since he kept her company in the ER triage room. See:

Ben came as soon as he could and took Owen home where Grandma Marshall met him to babysit while he came back to the hospital with an overnight bag for me and to speak with the doctor. She had an ultrasound, another x-ray, and a CT-scan to triple check her appendix. Sleepy baby fell asleep on the table during the ultrasound:

Daddy did such a good job keeping her happy in the triage room. The ipad didn't hurt either.

We were admitted and moved up to a room around 10pm that night after they determined that it wasn't her appendix, but something else that was the source of her pain. That, they would have to look into tomorrow.

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