Saturday, November 24, 2012

More tests, antibiotics, etc.

This morning Vivian had a repeat chest x-ray to check on the pneumonia, as well as a panel of bloodwork and a urine culture. Here we are outside the x-ray room, waiting our turn. We were wheeled down together in a wheelchair but Vivi was so sick she wasn't able to enjoy the ride. I was still in my jammies and she was getting annoyed with me for taking pictures so early in the morning.

That afternoon, we met with the doctor who would be on our case and she was fantastic. Viv was sleeping and Dr. S. was making her rounds on the floor when it was our turn. She took over an hour to speak with Ben and I and to learn our case from the beginning. She asked lots of questions, confirmed things, and discussed with us what she thought was happening and how she was going to go about treating our baby. We were impressed with how thorough she was, especially considering how brief my interaction was with the doctor who had seen Vivian the first time she was admitted. I guess re-admission means you get more intense attention.

The rest of the afternoon Vivi spent resting, playing on the ipad, and doing arts and crafts in the playroom.

Oh, and we watched about 30 episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba and Diego. I'm over them. Unfortunately for me, she's not.

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