Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post-IVIG and Owen visits!

Vivi woke up this morning practically a new kid. We all slept from 4:30 until I couldn't take the little double cot any longer, and I got up to check on her and grab a cup of coffee. I sat in the rocking chair by her bed and watched her sleep peacefully.

She was up around 7:30am and Ben left to go home and get ready for work, giving her a kiss and a high-five before he headed out. She felt so good that we just had to get a little playtime in over in the playroom before breakfast arrived.

So we went and did a little shape project that Mommy concocted:

We went back to her room soon after we finished our shape project so that she could eat breakfast. She had some waffles and yogurt and milk, and our new nurse came in to introduce herself. The rest of the morning we rested and played on the ipad, and the cardiologist came in around 1:30pm to check her heart with an echocardiogram.

Everything checked out just fine. She'll continue on 1/2 a tablet of baby aspirin (orange or cherry flavored so she'll chew it herself just fine) a day for the next 8 weeks, and we'll go back to see the cardiologist in 2-3 weeks and again 6 weeks after that for a final check. They're checking to make sure that the arteries to her heart did not have any signs of aneurisms because of the inflammatory procedure of IVIG.

When the cardiologist was finished, Vivi had the best surprise ever. Owen came to visit with Grandma! (They were waiting patiently in the playroom, and I was relieved to see that Owen was able to be torn away from the playroom to come to her room and give his sister a big hug - once they were back in the playroom. LOL.)

We hung out in the playroom for awhile and then I took Vivi back to her room to see if she would nap since she was yawning. She tried, but there was too much excitement and she had more visitors on the way. Grandpa and Aunt Hillary came to visit before dinner! While we were waiting for them to arrive, Vivi's doctor had encouraged us to take the kids on a wagon ride around the hospital for a change of scenery. Owen helped to push Vivi's IV pole to the playroom to get the wagon. They loved it! We went down to the lobby to see the Christmas tree and the fish tank, and then headed back to the room to relax and watch a movie before dinnertime.

We had a nice time catching up with Grandpa and Aunt Hillary, filling them in on our time in the hospital. And then it was time for Vivi to get ready for bed since she had had such a big day. Ben had gotten there from work just when Grandpa and Aunt Hillary had arrived, and since Grandma was staying over to watch Owen, he was able to stay for a few hours to visit and see just how well she was doing after the treatment. We were both amazed. As long as her fever stayed away for 48 hours, we'd be going home on Wednesday.

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