Monday, November 19, 2012

From the pedi to the ER

This morning Owen went to Mom's Morning Out and Vivi stayed home since she was still feeling miserable. I called the pediatrician and got her in for a 2pm appointment while Owen was at preschool (he had back-to-back MMO/preschool today). The doctor took one look at her and said she suspected pneumonia. I didn't think so since she wasn't coughing or struggling to breathe, but the doc pointed out her rapid breaths and I immediately agreed with her. They did a neb treatment in the office and it helped her oxygen level, but since she still looked so bad and she also was pretty sure she was dehydrated, they send us right over to the ER.

I called Ben and left a message and then rushed her over to the hospital. We didn't have to wait too long before they took her back for a chest x-ray. They immediately started an IV to give her fluids and told us we'd be there overnight. Ben picked up Owen at preschool and took him over to Kelly & Matt's so he could play with Kayla until Ben got home. He brought me an overnight bag and met us in the ER triage room where we were still waiting to get moved up to the pediatric floor.

Baby girl was so weak that she barely fought at all when they did the IV, and she was out sleeping soundly for the entire ride to our room. I met our nurses and they got us settled in the room before I turned in for the night. We'd meet the doctor in the morning. The room was very nice and comfortable - that's my cot in the background. 

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