Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandma Marshall!

Today was Grandma Marshall's birthday! Unfortunately, we didn't get to celebrate since Vivi is still in the hospital. Vivian painted a beautiful birthday card for her Grandma though, and we'll celebrate once we're home and well and we can all get together. Check out her left-handed painting skills:

On our second trip to the playroom today, we did glue dots with beads and also some stamping. I've learned this week that my little girl is very into arts and crafts and that makes me so happy since I used to love art myself when I was a kid.

She was feeling better than yesterday and wasn't in nearly as much pain because the doc decided to give her a pain med (stronger than baby Motrin) to help her feel more comfortable. She would get upset towards the end of the 6 hours that it lasted, so they kept her on it the entire day and night. The doctor is re-assessing things tomorrow.

In case you're wondering, Owen has barely noticed we're not home since he's way too busy having fun with Grandma.

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