Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stitch Fix

I recently signed up for Stitch Fix in an attempt to add some nicer pieces to my wardrobe since I tend to suffer from Old Navy fashion syndrome. I love Old Navy since it fits my budget so well and they always have trendy outfits which I enjoy trying, and some timeless items which I've been able to make last through several seasons (if I'm lucky).

I heard of Stitch Fix from of friend of mine from high school. She tried it and loved it, so I signed up for a Fix. Each fix is a $20 fee for them to send you a box of 5 hand-picked items for you (free shipping) which you then try on at home with your own wardrobe and accessories. Whatever you decide to keep, you pay for, minus the $20 fee (it acts as a credit towards your purchase), then you send the rest back in a pre-paid shipping envelope which you can put in your own mailbox for pickup. If you decide to keep all 5 items in your box, you get an automatic 25% discount.

It's such a fun way to shop and to pamper yourself. I've really been enjoying it. My first Fix was neat - there were lots of different items that I would never have chosen for myself. I ended up keeping one piece out of the five. You decide when you want to order a fix, or you can sign up for a monthly box. I like the flexibility of choosing when I get my Fix, so I do them one by one, usually as a treat before a special occasion when I know I'll need something new to wear. You fill out a personal style profile for them before you schedule the Fix, so that they have your sizes, likes and dislikes, and any requests for specific types of items you'd like to see in your box. And let me tell you, they definitely deliver if you are very detailed with your profile. :)

In my second Fix I received two items that I decided to keep - a comfortable cotton dress that can be worn with leggings in fall/winter and without for spring/summer and an intricate feather print blouse which can be dressed up with a skirt or down with jeans. I love how versatile both pieces are. Stitch Fix sends you a card with each item that has ideas on how to wear it with things you probably already have in your wardrobe - love that. And every time a friend signs up for a fix using my referral link, I earn $25 credit towards my next Fix.

 So check it out and if you're interested, please sign up using my link. If you get the box and end up not liking anything they send, you're only out the $20 styling fee, which, in my opinion is worth the fun it is to play around with fashion for an hour after the kiddos are asleep for the night. My idea of Mommy Entertainment/Pampering! :) 


The Hawks said...

ummm are you super skinny or what?!!

totally considering doing the stitch fix

Jennifer Marshall said...

HA! Erin - thank you so much for thinking that, but it's actually just the tilt of the mirror. :)

You should totally try it! It's fun! But if you do, specify that you want bargain pieces because when I did that for my 2nd one, I found that the items were more in my price range and I actually liked more pieces. You can also specify if you want all 5 items to be tops or all 5 to be dresses, etc.