Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Ben made his most delicious turkey ever this year. Curt wasn't able to make it since he was battling bronchitis, but Hillary and Tish came over to celebrate with us. Vivi slept off and on the entire day, and only ate 2 bites of apple pie. We were anxious to get her to her follow up appointment the next day since she did not seem to be improving at all. In fact, last night we even called the pediatrician on call because Vivi was doing rapid breathing and it wasn't even 3 hours after her last neb treatment. Luckily, she slept okay during the night other than waking up twice for neb treatments. Hopefully the doctor tomorrow will have more advice on how we can get her well!

(Does Ben's turkey-carving outfit look familiar?)

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