Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Today is the day Vivi gets to go home!

Her fever is gone and she's perked up so much compared to this past week. Definitely not 100% yet, but on the right track, that's for sure. Given that it was our last day at the hospital, and Vivian was so ready to go home (irritable that it took so long to get discharged), I didn't take any pictures until we got home. The doctor had to wait to let us go until it had officially been 48 hours since her fever broke, which was 4pm since her last temp was 3:45 on Monday. Those last four hours were rough.

But we made it and were finally set free at 4:30pm. It took a little while for us to pack up - they gave us so many toys, books, and little trinkets that they actually needed to be wheeled out in a wagon by one of the nurses (Vivi refused a ride herself, preferring to be carried by me).

It was soooo incredibly wonderful to come home with our baby girl finally healthy! Owen was so excited to have his best friend and playmate home and was super excited about all the fun stuff she brought home with her. Especially the princess bowling set that the nurses gave her as a going home gift.

He presented his sister with a special ornament that Grandpa let him pick out in the gift shop of the hospital which she just loved. It's a Ruldolf one with blinking lights!

Then she had a special surprise waiting for her from Grandma and Poppy who wished they could have been here with us during this stressful time. It was her very own princess chair - pink & white polka dots! Now she has her very own chair to sit in when she and Owen watch their favorite shows! Thank you Grandma & Poppy!!

So happy to have our happy little girl back! Thank you so much to all our friends and family for your love and support during this past week & 1/2.

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